Lofty Goals

As of Dec. 26. 2011, this is the vision, with the short term goals completed by the end of Q2 2012, and the Year 1 financial goals completed by the end of Q1 2013:

Short Term / Immediate

Establish formal relationships with

  • Reputable local NGO partner
  • International Development Agency and appropriate contractors
  • Peru’s Departments of Social Welfare, Tourism, and Agriculture
  • Municipal Mayors and or Community Associations throughout the Sacred Valley
  • 50 Women-owned (50% or more) organic viveras in the Sacred Valley by the end of Q3 2012, expanding to 200 by the end of Q1 2013

Establish informal relationships with:

  • Food critics in Peru and abroad
  • Chefs in fine dining establishments in Peru and abroad
  • Community Development program directors in Five-star hotels in Cuzco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, and Lima

Identify Project Team Experts (short or long term/intermittent assistance)

  •  Project manager/behavioral change/communication strategist (Penelope Poole)
  •   Botanist familiar with edible flowers in the Andes
  •  Farm-to-market specialist in fragile crops
  •  Irrigation specialist with Andean experience
  • Organic agricultural specialist and trainer (preferably with Andean experience)
  • Agro-economist
  • Gender expert familiar with regional issues


Short Term

Year 1

  • Create association of organic growers
  • 500,000 blossoms sold in the Sacred Valley, Cusco and Machu Picchu, grown by 500 organic viveras – increasing family income by $50-$100 per month, $600-$1200 a year.
  • High end book on Sacred Valley edible flowers with recipes and watercolor prints – 5000 copies first run. Proceeds to partner NGO.
  • Customized menus featuring Sacred Valley blossoms developed in 12 specialty restaurants
  • Independent film produced to chronicle the start of the project

Medium Term

Year 2

  • 3 million blossoms sold in the Sacred Valley, Cusco, Machu Picchu and Lima
  • Contest of chefs – national and international – for dishes featuring Sacred Valley edible flowers
  • Book of winning recipes from competition produced for sale in Cusco, MP, Lima and internationally (2000 copies first run)

Year 3

  • 10 million blossoms sold in Peru and abroad (New York, Chicago, Toronto) by 10,000 women growers in the Sacred Valley and mountain selva.
  • Rigorous studies completed on the health benefits of edible blossoms

Long Term

Year 4 and beyond

  • 30 million+ blossoms sold internationally in a sustainable business, creating income of $300 a month or more for women – especially those unable to work outside the home.
  • Edible flowers from the Sacred Valley are a popular and common element in restaurant meals mid-high end throughout North America.
  • Copycats in all developing countries, where women benefit and the countryside is beautified by introducing a new demand for edible blooms.
  • Hollywood script (feel good film) telling the early story